Things to do at Mountain Ridge

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Brian Head Ski Resort

Brian Head Ski Resort is a fantastic place to go skiing. Our resort consists of ski and snowboarding lessons. We are supportive, willing to help, caring, and will teach you wondrous skills of the winter sports. You will have a memorable time while skiing or snowboarding at our resort. You can sign up for private lessons (no age required). You can take an adult group lesson, which is ages thirteen and up. Sign up to be in Brian Head University which are for ages seven and older. For first tracks, parents can sign up their kids for skiing lessons ages 3-4, and for snowboarding lessons ages 3-6.
Events are held at our resort, such as ski races, Jump rail jams, saloons, and so much more! They are super fun events that people can be interactive with other people. Sign up for these events and be involved and have an enjoyable time. Kids, teens, and even adults can participate in certain events.
You can use the rentals for skiing and snowboarding, and they are in great condition!
Prices are as following:
Adult Full-Day Package- $35
Adult Half-Day Package- $30
Child Full-Day Package- $25
Child Half-Day Package- $20
Performance Full-Day Package (adult ski packages only)- $45
Performance Half-Day Package (adult ski packages only)- $40
High Performance Full-Day Package (adult ski packages only)- $55
High Performance Half-Day Package (adult ski packages only)- $50
Night Skiing Rentals (4-9 PM Friday and Saturday Nights)- $25

Our ski trail has 72 runs you can go down, 2 high speed lifts, and two major peaks which are Brian Head Peak and Navajo Peak, and it covers 650 acres. Also nearby our resort are good areas for snowshoeing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and tubing. During the summer you can go hiking and mountain biking here at Brian Head Ski Resort.